Top 4 Outstanding Telugu Songs Ever which Are Now Still Trending 

 January 6, 2021

Almost all the peoples now love to hear emotional, sad, and romantic plus party type songs. But at this time, most of the peoples are now love to hear romantic and emotional. History shows that emotional songs are an antidote to depression, and it is the universal truth. If you don’t believe, then ask the peoples who are failed in love.

Above all, the Telugu movie song is the best for all the peoples; if you cannot find out all the Telugu hit songs, you must visit naa songs. On this site, you perceive all the outstanding Telugu songs that you love most if you heard them. So keep the eyes open on this page and get 4 outstanding songs.

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Table of Contents

Edho Edho

It is undoubtedly the best hit romantic song, which catches many people’s hearts when this song was released commercially. Also, this song is the best romantic song, which has won many people’s hearts within a short time, and the song has crossed 3.3 million views on Youtube.

Bhairava Geetha is the movie of this song, and the songs of the movie are the lyrical video romantic song, which is outstanding song ever. Arun Dev Yadav and Deepali Sathe are the song singers, which Sira Sri and the music director was Ravi Shankar.

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Chiru Segale

There are many romantic songs, but it is the best songs ever in the Telugu film industry. You will be shocked if you once listened to this song. This song is from the hit romantic movie name Ishtanga. Varam and Yellender are the famous singers of this song, and Kandi Konda was the lyric writer of the song. Yelender Mahavee was the music director of the song, which has already taken nearly 4 million views on Youtube.

Cheli Aataki Ra

We know that peoples are now at an advanced level and now know about all the songs. There are many genres of songs available in the Telugu film industry, but this mentioned song is top of the level that won many people’s hearts.

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Chikati Gadilo Chitakottudu is the movie of the song, which has many positive reviews. Sharanya Gopinath and Prathi Balasubramanian are the singers of the songs. Rakendu Mouli was the lyric writer of the song, which has been viewed 7 million times.


Most of the peoples missed this song to listen. There are multiple songs in the Telugu industry, but it is an entirely different song to listen. I think you will surely fall in love if you listen to this song. The song is occupied by the movie Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara, and the singers of the song name are Sri Krishna Vishnubhotla and Kavya. Laxmi Bhupala was the lyric writer of the song, and Shravan Bharadwaj was the music director of the song.

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Final Words:

Among all the song we have mentioned in the article, those are very heart touching, and they are very outstanding songs. Everyone loves these songs, without any doubt. So listen to these songs and enjoy your desire moment. You can get all latest songs from masstamilan website.

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