How to Split/Merge PDF Files Quickly? 

 August 16, 2022



The ability to merge and split PDF files is a characteristic of the file format that many people value for its convenience and utility. Rather than using an entire document or text, users can select the parts that are most useful to them and extract them from the document. This saves them from having to read through entire documents or sending and saving large files that take up so much space. The process is quite simple and requires nothing more than a click of a button, so every time you need to merge a file you can do it quickly and without learning or installing any new software.

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H2 – How Do I Split a PDF into Multiple PDFs?


Splitting a PDF is one way to create a new file with only the relevant and necessary pages. PDF files can contain large documents that number into the thousands of pages and someone researching or writing a new file will not need all those pages. Extracting these pages lets someone take only what they need from the document without having to use it all.


The process of splitting a PDF requires a specific tool or program, but they are everywhere and they are not difficult to use. They typically allow users to open files they want to extract pages from and then create a new PDF file from it. The pages of the file are shown in the thumbnail so users can see which pages they are selecting and which ones they do not need anymore.

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You can perform this function to create a new single file or multiple files, depending on the pages you select. You can extract one page after the other or extract all of them at the same time to create one, new single file. Some programs let you split or delete files in batches so you can perform the function once without having to repeat it.


H2 – Merging PDF Files with Lumin


Lumin PDF is a PDF editing tool that has many different features, among them splitting and merging tools. Lumin is available for both online and offline use and offers users other important features like adding or removing text, inserting new design elements (images, graphs, etc.), and converting different files into PDF and vice-versa.

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In the Lumin browser (online or offline), you can open a file or multiple files with the Page Tool function. After clicking on the Page Tools button, you will see a side-bar menu that lists all the merging, splitting, deleting, and combining functions. You can choose the merge option, select the files or pages you want to be merged and then click Merge.


H2 – Adding Single Pages to a PDF File


Adding pages to a PDF document can be just as important as deleting or extracting pages from one. While some PDF documents contain too much information or data, others need only a single page of information to complete it or make it more relevant. So it makes sense to only add that page rather than split the entire document or create a brand new file.

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To add a single page to a file, users need to first make sure their particular tool or program allows them. A program like Adobe Acrobat lets you attach a single page to a file by opening the file and then browsing for the pages you want to add. Once you have selected all the desired pages you can insert them into the file and then save them to a new directory or drive.


H2 – What Is the Easiest Way to Combine PDF Files?


The easiest way to merge PDF files is by using a PDF editor to open and combine all the files into one. If you have a PDF editor that allows you to merge, split or combine files select the Combine feature. You can then select the various PDF files you want to combine and then click “Combine”.

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The new file will be created and then you can choose to download it, open it or send it to someone. You can also use the Combine function to edit or delete unwanted pages from a larger PDF file and then combine the remaining pages to create a brand new file.


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