A Complete Guide on How to Write a Press Release for a Book 

 December 26, 2020

For authors, publishing a book brings in a sense of relief and accomplishment. Despite this, the book now needs attention and visibility to ensure that it gains the readership it needs. It needs the right PR to make sure people notice.

This is where a press release comes to play. As a tool for bolstering visibility, a press release can help you on this matter. While a press release may hearken back to the earlier age of media, it helps you garner the needed attention.

Today, we will learn about how to write a press release for a book. Read on to look at details such as the format and so on.

What Is a Book Press Release?

A book press release is a way to announce the launch of a new book. This one provides enticing details about the book that the readers would expect of it. It also provides details on why the media should cover it and have it as a newsworthy topic.

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For this, a book press release would have a summary of the book written on it. It also includes the benefits that readers may draw from it or captivating points that readers may find upon perusing its pages.

The Press Release for Media Attention

You have factors to consider in having a press release written. Compared to a book outline, the Best free press release sites focuses on how the contents of the book would connect to the audiences it tries to reach. What you want for this is to have journalists find angles or clear hooks to catch their attention, which can also catch the attention of other readers.

Notable examples for these include gripping stories, online trends, and current events. Targeting something prominent would help provide an angle to the press release. Write the press release with those angles in mind.

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Writing and Sending the Press Release

When writing the book press release, you have a template that you can follow. For the format, aim for short paragraphs of 2-3 sentences and limit it to one page.

The press release format should include your contact information, release date, and the headline. Details like the city, state, and date would be in there as well.

As for the content, you need to take note of what you put in there. The first paragraph should include basic information about the book and a brief bio of the author. The second paragraph should cover the description of the book, along with its highlights and compelling information.

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On the latter parts, you have the purchase link or the event information with other relevant tidbits. This includes the date and time, the location, cost, and so on.

You can also get the help of a press release writing service to aid you with creating the book press release. This can also give you an easier time with your press release.

In sending the press release, you can start with local media organizations. You can work with a local PR professional to get assistance in finding media outlets.

Now You Know How to Write a Press Release for a Book

Once you know how to write a press release for a book, you can prepare for your book’s recognition once it goes into circulation. While most authors would not need a press release, having a book press release can help you get the attention you need.

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