7 Soccer Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know 

 October 15, 2020

Do you want to play ball sports like soccer for your health and/or for fun? Do you want to know what you can do to improve at soccer, even as a total beginner? Below, we’ve got seven awesome tips on soccer for beginners.

While it’s not that popular in the US, soccer is the biggest global sport. Every year, hundreds of millions of people look forward to seeing the World Cup Final. If you plan on traveling outside of the US, learning these soccer tips can help you adapt faster to other cultures.

1. Essential Soccer Tips for Beginners: Get the Basics Down

We understand that you want to get to the fun part of how to start playing soccer. Before you practice fancy moves and tricks like the rainbow kick, you need to know the basics. Otherwise, it’s like building the second floor of a house without a proper foundation.

It’s a cliché, but it’s mandatory for all athletes for a good reason. Without understanding and learning the basics, you’ll have a harder time improving at the game. Even though it isn’t fun, do your best to understand the positions and the rules.

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Once you’ve got them down to a T, you can start advancing your knowledge. Remember, all the best soccer players have a good grasp of the basic skills, rules, and positions. If you want to be like Messi or Ronaldo, master the basics first.

2. Focus on One Skill Before You Learn a Different One

Don’t learn everything at once. As they say in martial arts, fear not the player who practices a thousand techniques once. Fear the player who practices one technique a thousand times.

In soccer, it’s less extreme, but it applies to the sport all the same. You want to master one skill at a time before you try a new one. Don’t try to multi-task or rush it.

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If you want to learn how to play soccer, you have to be patient. Like all other sports and practices, you have to go through a step-by-step process. Again, we know it’s not fun, but learning this way can turn you into a champion.

3. Improve Your Fitness

Everybody has the opportunity to learn and play soccer. However, you can’t be an effective soccer player if you don’t have good physical fitness. Even disabled people can join the Paralympic games for soccer and other sports.

Indeed, the aim is to score a goal by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s net. This is easy if you’re kicking a ball from the penalty arc or close to the goal. Yet, remember that soccer is a sport in which players often run back and forth on a field to gain control of the ball.

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If you have an injury, consider how playing soccer can impact the injury.

For example, you can get a knee injury brace for soccer if you have a knee injury. If you have heart or lung conditions, talk to your physician about your plans to try soccer. They can give you good advice and steps to help manage your condition.

4. Focus on Skills You Have Trouble Picking Up

For some people, learning to play soccer is easy and quick. For others, they need to put in more effort and pick up some moves or skills. While it’s good to have a move or strategy you’re good at, you also need to work on weaknesses.

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For example, you have a problem learning how to pass the ball with accuracy. Put in more hours to practice passing and to improve your accuracy. Gather useful tips from soccer players online.

When you play, apply the soccer skills you learned. Using what you know in actual games can give you good experience than practicing only. Games also have added pressure and stress, which can enhance your learning speed.

5. Find a Training Partner

Finding a training buddy is a smart move. When you train with a partner, the two of you learn from each other. Even when your partner has more experience than you, they can still learn a thing or two from you.

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Meanwhile, you’ll be picking up a lot of tips and tricks from them. A training partner can also help you improve your skills and train for your weaknesses. Partner training drills can help improve your technical skills more than group drills.

Don’t forget to give back as good as you’re getting. Also, you create a unique bond with a training buddy. It’s easier to give constructive criticism when you share a strong bond with your buddy.

6. Join a Team

People like Christian Pulisic are changing the European views of American soccer players in Europe. However, he won’t be where he is now without a team. While it’s good to have a training buddy to improve with, remember that soccer is a group game.

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Look for soccer teams that suit your interest. For example, you want to play soccer as a hobby. If you want casual games, look for a recreational team or soccer club.

If you want to try something competitive and level-based, join a select team. If you’re still in school and you want to join competitive soccer games, join your school’s soccer team. However, for school and select teams, you’ll have to join tryouts to know where you stand.

7. Play Pickup Games and Try Joining Tournaments

For the last entry in our soccer tips, make it a point to play and play.

Did you know that the US Women’s National Team is the number one women’s soccer team in the world? Do you want to improve your game, so you can join the National Team one day?

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The best way to improve your soccer experience is to play pickup games. These are often unorganized games of soccer. Visit smaller fields to find and join pickup games.

You may also want to join official local tournaments or cups where the stakes are higher. This is where you’ll learn how well you perform under pressure. It also exposes you to the actual situations in a professional playing field.

Start Playing and Learning About Soccer Now

That’s it for our seven top soccer tips for beginners. Remember to practice daily and to always stay motivated. The road to success is long and difficult, so take it one kick at a time.

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But you shouldn’t stop here because there are even more techniques to master and improve your game. Check out our other posts for more useful soccer tips.

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