10 Amazing Ways That Lawyers Can Help Your Business 

 December 4, 2021

Lawyers are a necessary evil in New York, but they can also be a blessing to any business. Many New York attorneys specialize in one area of the law, making it easier for businesses to find an attorney specializing in their specific needs. They can help with anything from trademarking the business logo to negotiating a contract that will protect the company’s intellectual property. For instance, the general business lawyer offers legal guidance in broad areas. They are not specific on a particular business category.

Additionally, the advancement in technology has resulted in fast globalization. Such advancements can make a business easily be on the wrong side of the law, especially regarding jurisdictional matters. This article analyzes the different ways that a lawyer may help a business deal with some of these issues.

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Table of Contents

Assistance on Jurisdictional Matters

Lawyers advise their clients about jurisdictional matters which might end up involving foreign laws. For example, an attorney should advise a business on international law where it does business with people outside the United States.

Protection against Defamation

Companies should have an attorney negotiate terms of service agreements with customers who may post negative reviews about products or services offered by the company. This practice is common in online businesses. Having such an attorney helps prevent consumer comments from being seen as libelous statements under defamation laws.


The Lawyers Help Draft Trademark Registration Documentation

New York State provides a systematic way for any company or individual who wants to establish their business name legally through trademark registration documentation. Businesses need to register their unique brand so nobody else will be able to use it without consent. Trademark registration protects both personal names and product brands from being used by other individuals or organizations. As a result, it’s easy for business owners to convince consumers that certain products belong to their companies. Hence, it is crucial to have a lawyer draft up the appropriate documents that will help to register the business brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Contract Negotiation

Lawyers are invaluable in helping businesses negotiate contracts. The success of every business usually depends on how well they sign up partners and investors to help them grow. Lawyers can help these companies with legal documentation such as non-disclosure agreements and partnership agreements, among others.

Patent Protection

Businesses often face problems when people steal their ideas either by stealing trade secrets or plagiarizing certain aspects of their product design. Hence, having a lawyer specializing in protecting intellectual property such as patents can be beneficial because they know how to stop these acts through legal measures.

Drafting a Will

A will is an essential document when starting a business. This document helps ensure the continuity of a business in case of a company owner’s death. Having an attorney draft this type of documentation can be very helpful because they are familiar with what kind of legal issues may arise depending on the nature and size of specific businesses.

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Taxation Affairs

Lawyers also play a significant role in helping businesses prepare their taxes and provide them with appropriate documentation such as tax returns. They can even help a company save money through legal ways. For instance, they may suggest certain deductions that might lower the taxable income, meaning fewer profits will go into the government’s pocket.

Lawyers Protect Businesses from Getting Scammed

Every business should have a lawyer on board who protects consumers against companies and individuals trying to scam them. Such an attorney knows about clauses available on non-disclosure agreements or partnership agreements which must be looked into before signing the documents. This way, business owners ensure that all deals that the business partakes in are legitimate.

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Drafting and Revising Business Plans

Sometimes, a business needs to create a new plan or alter an existing one. Here, it’s crucial to have lawyers come in and offer their expertise because they will point out the necessary adjustments for the better. For example, a business trying to get more funding from investors needs to alter its strategy to help increase the chances of getting that money. Such a business needs to go back and revise certain aspects of the business model, such as its target audience. Lawyers also can suggest things like changing policies or adjusting company culture based on their professional opinion per the attempted change.

They Ensure the Business Follows All the Regulations

Lawyers often earn a bad reputation for trying to make extra money. However, this is not far from the truth. One of the main reasons people hire them is that they know how to navigate complex laws and regulations that apply specifically to specific businesses. They will find loopholes within the law so that the business doesn’t run into any compliance issues.

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